End of the Game

End of the Game
End of the Game.1975.hd.1080p
"I could murder her in front of your eyes and you couldn't prove it," said the master criminal to the master detective. And so the game began...
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Hans Baerlach is a Swiss police detective who has dedicated much of his career to pursuing powerful and allegedly murderous businessman Richard Gastmann. Though Baerlach's partner meets his demise while investigating Gastmann, his replacement, Walter Tschanz, is undaunted. Meanwhile, the lovely Anna Crawley becomes involved in the case, which proceeds to take many twists and turns.

Title:End of the Game
Original Title:Der Richter und sein Henker
Release Date:August 31, 1975
Genres:Mystery, Thriller
Production Co.:MFG-Film, T.R.A.C.
Production Countries:Germany, Italy
Director:Maximilian Schell, Elaine Schreyeck, Wieland Liebske, Francesco Cinieri
Writers:, , ,
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , ,

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