The Ages of Lulu

The Ages of Lulu
The Ages of Lulu.1990.hd.1080p
A scorching Spanish sexual awakening.
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Fifteen-year-old Lulu has never known any affection from her family. But when she goes to a rock concert with Pablo, a friend of the family, he introduces Lulu to her first sexual experience. Years later, Pablo and Lulu have married; Pablo has created a sheltered, private world for Lulu, into which nothing intrudes. However, Lulu tires of her cloistered existence, and begins hanging out in shady bars, looking for vicarious thrills and danger.

Title:The Ages of Lulu
Original Title:Las edades de Lulú
Release Date:December 13, 1990
Production Co.:Iberoamericana Films Internacional, Apricot
Production Countries:Spain
Director:Bigas Luna
Writers:, ,
Casts:, , , , , , , , , ,

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